Jump Start

19 05 2010

I am using this quick time of solitude at home to write a few words for you. I am not quite sure what is going to come out but I want to jump start my writing. Whatever it is life is putting before us is something very important, we might not see or understand what it is right now but it usually is a way to keep us in motion towards our destiny and mission in life. Today I am not sure what that is. I am working on a brand new business I launched back in Sept. 2009, it is taking me some time to get it off the ground but I love it and anything that is worthwhile will take time, dedication and money. Writing is still my passion and the outlet I use to stay sane many times, however, since my life changed forever last May my flow is not the same, I don’t even have the time I used to dedicate to read and write like I did many years ago. But like I said, everything that happens is important and will ultimately take me to where I need to be. Perhaps I need to have all these experiences in order to grow and enrich my writing, to develop new themes and in that way help someone else along the way. Writing has been a way to reach out to all of you who come to read my blog.

When I come here and see that I moved you to leave me a comment, there is a smile on my face. When I read that somehow it has changed or enhanced your view on your situation, I am elated. I do not take credit for anything I write, I just want to be a channel from above, undeserved one I might add but just the same. Openness and sincerity is key to reach others.

What is happening to you right now? What is happening in your life? Do you need to jump start somehow? What do you think will be needed to complete your journey?



One response

25 05 2010

Each aspect comes in phases. Currently I am in more of a reading phase than a writing phase. Though admittedly reading the briefest of stories recently has inspired a new short story that is currently floating in my mind, and on scraps of paper, awaiting focus and attention to detail.

I have also had a “kick-start” to my other passion: cooking. After making a Sicilian meal that others described as “gourmet” I have been reinvigorated to continue working on recipes and try new meals again.

May I also add that I am happy to see you blogging more often again. You are a gifted writer whose posts I always look forward to reading!

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