Right Before Landing

3 05 2010

I am usually a little early or a little late, but this time I got lucky. I shoot the camera right on time, it’s rare to see this clearly because it happens so fast but it always amazes me. Flying is one of wonders that I enjoy the most in animals; wind, altitude, gracefulness, precision and control. I compare it to life, to the ups and downs, to the changes of wind and the speed which hits us holding us or pushing us around. To the struggle to stay balanced and to use the variables to our advantage. To use it sometimes to lift us high so that that we can get a better perspective of our situations. To choose a time to land and rest or a spot to dive in and be fed.

I love the sea, the wind, the clear blue sky and the sea breeze on my face. The sound of the waves on the shore carry me to places far beyond my sight, bringing back memories… It is all there, beyond the blue water taking from me and giving me whatever it is I need. I don’t know how to explain it. As I stand on the shore waiting for the water to touch my feet, I sink my feet on the wet sand and looking up the sky I breathe in deeply. I am free; free to dream, to hope, to believe that one day in one moment in time we all be one. The cool water runs on my skin and sometimes when it comes with power, runs up my legs refreshing my senses. I smile. That was what I needed and the sun warms my skin changing the shade as the time goes by. I am being transformed. A new creation, as I begin to walk and then lay down on the sand, face up to the clear sky. It has been a while since I’ve seen it so blue, but then comes the strong winds and the sand is lifted up on the air, blasting against my body. As long as I protect my eyes I am ok at least for a little while, I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave, my peace by the sea….



One response

11 05 2010

Ah Clary, it is wonderful to see that certain flair returned to your writing again!

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