Early Morning

26 04 2010

It was a stormy night, full of thunder and lightning, not letting me sleep. The rain fell hard washing away some thoughts of unhealthy memories while holding on to others. I drifted in and out of my dreams of being embraced by love. It is an ideal, I guess something we will always long for in some manner, way, shape or form. It is sublime at times, but very briefly and then -in my experience- challenged to sustain itself against the storms. I wish I knew if that is the case for most of us because sometimes I wonder. The sensations are able to sustain us for a lifetime but the hurt last an eternity, sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it. Then again I look back and realize that without it our existence would be so trivial and insignificant. In those brief moments of love we gain a million heartbeats…



One response

2 05 2010

Well spoken Clary!

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