13 04 2010

I wish I come here more often, the words have bottled up for so long but there isn’t much time in a day to slow down and get them out. When I do sit down to write I find myself thinking of the same themes and thoughts I had a year ago, I guess nothing much has changed which worries me, because by now something different must be happening inside but it has not. I feel like floating in space going around and around the same objects with nowhere to land.

Time alone and to reflect is what moved me to dig deep within before but I am trying to drown my worries I am keeping as busy and occupied as I can. In the long run is not good for me, I know. Starting today I will do my best to isolate myself from time to time. Being in the desert of my being I can see things more clearly and the words emerge effortlessly. I also need to finish a project I have been holding on to for too long and let it fly, wherever that might be. I need to revisit the places I was exploring before and see if there has been any changes also, I am sure it has. Most of all I need to give voice to my needs and wants in order to obtain them.

I see in the horizon a new possibility but I am immobilized, I don’t believe it is my call to do so. I hate to be labeled for it, so I will wait to come my way if it is what is meant to be. All I know is that inspired me to be the best that I could be and even expanded the way I saw myself and what I could do. It was a wonderful feeling, I felt alive and creative. But I will leave it at that and let God move things in the way he knows is best for me, in the meantime I will receptive to his promptings.



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13 04 2010

May you always continue to find the right inspriration at the proper time Clary. All the best.

13 04 2010

Thanks Phil, I certainly hope so.

14 04 2010

Wow! I just posted my first blog in MONTHS called “BEAUTY” which is a re-telling of a Native story. Then I came and read this post and thought “I think Clary might like to read “BEAUTY” “. One can only wonder at the timing. 🙂

15 04 2010

Tell me where to find “BEAUTY”

15 04 2010

Oh, I am sorry! I must be doing something wrong because clicking on my name isn’t linking to my blog.

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