Today’s State

11 03 2010

Today I feel anxious. Should I have told so much? Sometimes I wonder. I feel urged to share my experiences -good or bad- with my kids but then again I wonder if I shouldn’t. I am not perfect even though I wish I was, and maybe they thought I was. I don’t think is a good thing, I think they should know that I am human and that I have done some stupid things that taught me valuable lessons. Danger is everywhere and the magnitude seems bigger now than when I was their age. I just want them to be aware and not to think that it won’t happen to them because that might not be the case. Or should i wait until something happens? It is a hard call for a parent.

I hope that they don’t think or see me differently because of my confessions. I hope to drive them closer to me. Who knows, maybe that is why I am anxious right now, because I don’t know. I wish there was a manual for parents but it is such a complex process.