Personal Liberty

7 03 2010

“We are at liberty to be real or to be unreal, we may be true or false, the choice is ours. We man now wear a one mask now and now another and never if we so desire appear with our own true face. But we can not make these choices with impunity, causes have effects and if we lie to ourselves and to others then we can’t expect to find the truth and reality whenever we happen to want them.” – Thomas Merton


When was the last time you had the courage to show everyone who you truly are?

When was it that you completely forgot about to conform to others expectations and concentrated on your own?

I know for myself that it was a very long time, and at times I question if it is possible to unveil the reality without fear. One thing I need to learn is that God made me in a certain way with talents, character, emotions, physical traits, and intellect and there is no excuse to bury it all nowhere to be seeing just to conform to or to preserve the peace. To a point it is a slow death because what is meant to be, grow and transform in and around us comes to a halt.

Trials serve as a way to prune ourselves and kick start our journey to where we are supposed to go to begin with. It is a wake-up call to start living instead of being complacent with our automated way of day to day living. It is shaking in our soul and awakening of our conscious awareness that something is not quite right. To me it is sometimes unforgivable that I have let this happen, but then again I am glad that I have the power to start all over.



One response

8 03 2010
Bill Howdle

Great post. Thank goodness for me anyway, we have the chance to start over.

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