Real Love

13 02 2010

As the time goes by, more and more I realize how true love shapes and molds our existence. It is the ultimate goal; to find it, to feel it and to hold on to it. I believe all human nature comes short to love the way we should, even though we keep trying. It is a consolation to me that I am loved without measure by the one who came to teach us how is done. One day I hope to grasp the process of at least a third of what he feels for all of us and transmit that into my life. It is not an easy task, I can’t believe sometimes the way he show us this most amazing love. I am afraid I come so short of the ideal but I believe it is possible.

What is your concept of love? Do you have a model to follow? How have you done so far?



One response

5 03 2010

Jesus is also my roll model. When I’m on good terms with him, the love pretty much flows…unconditional, right blend of grace and truth, serving….my love on the other hand is fickle.

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