7 02 2010

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
Lao Tzu

It seems simple, clear, understandable and yet we don’t get to this conclusion easily. We go around hoping, wishing, waiting for our reality to be what we want it to be, instead of embracing what it is and accepting that life and time changes everything.

What is your understanding of reality?



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7 02 2010

It’s a good philosophy for sheep or for a people that someone wants to control and keep docile, but far less so for those who believe in Liberty and in changing at least some small measure of the world for the better.

7 02 2010

The untruth, I will say more this is the complete nonsense. We are not animals. We do not live on level of instincts. Anyway even and they have some level of the thinking which shapes their life, their future. We are creatures thinking. God creating us on the picture and its own resemblance , ordered to act us the earth subjected. We are co-demiurges of our future. The all philosophy of Descartes is based on famous „Cogito ergo sum”, I „Think so I am”. Therefore I exist, therefore exists our past, today and tomorrow because I think. We are creatures thinking. The thinking determines our life not the blind fate, not the chance. When we will switch off the thinking we can the above-maxim accept as our own, only then, And live as the shapeless commonalty surrendering to the blind instinct. The contemporary philosophical doctrine based on the above-maxim is called the “communism”. Thank you I lived in the communist country forty years. If so you long very much behind this set out for Northern Korea.
Ryszard Krezel

7 02 2010

jonolan, interesting you noted on your comment about control and being docile, all the things I don’t want in my life but that have lived.

Ryszard, I don’t believe in living by pure instinct either or about not fighting and going by blind fate or chance. I know that there are many things we can move and “reshape” to our advantage but there are things that just are the way the are (especially people) and you have no control over them even though they do. It is at those times that we need to see the reality before us and either embrace it or release it, that’s all. At this point in my life I frankly don’t want to stop for long where I feel stock. Thanks for your comment.

9 02 2010

…Aceptar la realidad es la única manera de superar los obstáculos, de trabajar y de construir nuestra propia realidad, nuestra felicidad, la más acorde a nuestra medida. De este modo evitaremos levantar castillos en el aire y chocar siempre contra el mismo muro; incluso la ilusión y la voluntad serán más reales, verdaderas, en el sentido de autenticidad… SALUDO, CLARY:

10 02 2010

“are things that just are the way the are (especially people) and you have no control over them even though they do.”
Jonolan, even then this is yours conscious decision. Because in order to this situation come into being you must undertake some conscious decision. Something to accept or from something to give up

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