Today I Let You Go

27 01 2010

I am a dreamer, I am a fighter and hopeless believer that if you love and work hard everything in time works out. To walk away is difficult, to let go agonizing but it is what we have to do sometimes. When you find yourself wondering, worried, anxious and in emotional pain and sorrow it is time to really think if it will not be better to let go. Sometimes it is in this let go that we find our way again. It is like trying to anchor your boat in a stormy sea, it is better to let it go and ride the storm. Nothing in life is picture perfect but life is not about continuous pain and agony. There must be hope and moments of blissful happiness among the tears.

Sometimes I feel my expectations are too high, perhaps to do away with them would be the answer, but I soon realize that expectations are markers along my journey. Without expectations I move aimlessly in life not knowing if I am making any progress or if I am getting what I truly deserve. So it is obvious that it won’t be the answer for me even though it sounds appealing. I guess I have been way too emotional lately after being basically disconnected from my own needs. Raising a family has been my focus and in that trajectory I lost myself along the way. Now it feels like I dropped down from the sky and there is so much to deal with, dig and recreate. I am a wonderful being, full of awesome and unmeasurable value, we all are. There is nothing I want more than to be happy again, to laugh, to dance, to embrace life with optimism. I know it is all possible but before I get to that place I need to get the courage to let certain things and people go, only then I would have my arms free to receive again. Maybe those I let go might return to me in better terms and according to what it would be really good for me, for both of us, but at the same time they might not and I have to be okay with that as well.

What is your experience of letting go?



3 responses

27 01 2010

You can only sacrifice yourself for so long. Once your mind’s made up, if you don’t act on it, you never will.

If you’re convinced that is what’s best for you, there is no looking back. Like they say – “Grab the bull by the horns and battle with it.”

In life there is nothing better than knowing you did your best, as a parent, a son/daughter, a spouse.

As long as you can live with yourself knowing you gave it all and what you came out of it made you realize you where better by yourself then, you have nothing to regret.

If you strive for a better life, happines will find you, ready or not.

Be well, be happy and above all, be all the wonderful things you know you can become.

God Bless you Clary!

27 01 2010

Though from our dreams
More than once sneered fate
not yet is too late
to find own place
where nothing aches
where to build new house..

7 02 2010

Thank you so much for your words.

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