Respecting Others Journey

10 01 2010

Life is an unending chain of choices, made or unmade, as we move along the path on our earthly journey. We look within to find what truly matters and to tap into our intuition. We look for ways to manage our life the best way we can. It is not always easy.

When it comes to personal journeys we try to deal with our individual situation, and the way others come in contact along the way of that journey affects the overall experience. I have learned that is not always wise to share a journey with someone else, especially if that person has emotional ties to me. There is always a hidden hold behind their good intentions, it is difficult to be objective. At times they can even hold me back. Personal agendas affect the overall success of the mission accomplishment and at the end it is only me who stand dissatisfied.

I need to slow down my life one more time, since I had to make certain changes six months ago the whole balance that took so much effort to attain shifted. This is new reality with different dynamics and I need to make sure that everything flows like it should. Sometimes we continue to take in whatever comes along without stopping to organize our life around it and before we know it we are not moving in any particular direction, we are like the wind blowing were it may and even in a stand still at other times.

I have certain goals and expectations for this 2010 and at the same time I will see where God takes me, we propose and he disposes. I got a spark of what it is I want to have accomplished but all the sudden everything is taking a different flow, I will go with it, after all it might be bigger than what I thought. Nothing is written on stone and I will not discard my intuition one more time, now more than ever I am learning how it guides me into the right path.



One response

16 01 2010
keval gajjar

i read this article and i think you have described the journey of life in a very few words and very touching description…..i think i can learn too from this article about journey……..thank for writing this…..keep doing good like this…..may god always be with you and give you more and more strenth to do good work.

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