Motivated not Manipulated

3 01 2010

Everyone has their dreams and desires, everyone wants something from their life and expect certain things from others when in reality all we are entitled to is NOTHING. Really, my life is a long list of expectations from myself, my family and friends. No more, I will not be manipulated into anything unless I feel I am ready to move forward and I won’t say anything that I don’t really mean to make someone happy.



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3 01 2010

Don’t make it a one way street either. If you’re not going to let yourself be manipulated, pushed around, or forced into saying nice things, you also need to make sure you’re not manipulating or expecting stuff either.

3 01 2010

I hear you, I am not manipulating or expecting anything either. It is not a one way street but one in which everyone will be able to travel without being forced to go in a certain direction. I can say lots of nice things that will come straight from my heart.

3 01 2010

Very wise words. I agree you shouldn’t allow yourself to be manipulated by others and you should only do what you would like to do. Good post. Thanks for sharing!

6 01 2010
Bill Howdle

Excellent post, keep to it my friend. I wish you a world of happiness in the New Year.

7 01 2010

Wonderful post. Have a good year

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