Before the Sunrise

26 10 2009

Picture by XianStudio 2009

There is darkness and in against that darkness the minimal light shines, shines beyond our expectations. The moon, the stars and then comes a gentle breeze. The dew permeates nature refreshing, feeding it. The small creatures of the night sing and a whole range of unseen actions dancing through the night.

I am always fascinated with how nature resembles the changes we have to go through at times. Everything evolves, grows and changes if there is life in them. Controlling or placing plants or animals away from the environment from where they were created for can cause their death. I believe we are the same, finding the place where we can flourish and continue to grow takes a good sense who we are, what we want and a healthy way to express it. We sometimes uproot ourselves in order to survive and sometimes we do it at a high price which we are willing to pay no matter what. Sometimes it is worth it, others not. I believe that if we do it for our dreams and purpose in life it usually works out, but not at the sacrifice of it. Once we sacrifice our dreams and purpose in life we slowly begin to wither inside and even though we might be well financially it is rare that we achieve our full potential.

What is your experience?



4 responses

29 10 2009

Clary, I think we sometimes make wrong sacrifies by adhering ourselves to the mere materialistic side of the oneself for the spritual one or vice-versa; therefore it is important to make a balance in between throughout this world ~ My expirence in few words

1 11 2009
Silindile Ntuli

I think most times we don’t listen to our souls when making decisions, we base them on wrong things!

2 11 2009
Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

That’s so interesting, and I love the beautiful way you wrote this piece. Uprooting ourselves can be good if it feeds our soul; if it’s meant to re-align us with our dreams. Otherwise, though, if we ignore what we truly need and who we truly are, we may find that we wither like plants that have been taken away from their natural settings and confined from all that makes us come alive.

And I agree with what Silindile wrote… That feels right.

Be well, Clary!

3 11 2009

Thank you so much for all your comments, they help me see a glimpse of you within the words.

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