The Eyes – The Windows of the Soul

7 10 2009


It is an old proverb, one that reflect our most inner condition and the undeniable truth. “Look at me” we ask, when we want to know if someone is telling us the truth. At other times we see sorrow, hunger, sadness, unhappiness and desolation. We also see happiness, peace, joy, hope and love.

It is easy sometimes to force a smile and pretend that nothing is happening, but one thing we can’t hide behind is our eyes. There is no veil or wall that can cover the windows of our eyes which reflect the innermost condition of our soul. Joy, peace, and love bring about a brightness difficult to ignore, you have seen it in your eyes and on others. Then you come upon the dark, extinguished, and dull ones that really touch your heart with either fear or sadness.

What is your opinion on this proverb. Is it true that the eyes are the windows of the soul?



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7 10 2009

I was once talking to my cousin (who lives on the other side of the world now) – we were inseperable when we grew up – and she said “your walls are made of mud, and I am the rain”.

Looking back, it’s perhaps the most striking thing anybody has ever said to me 🙂

8 10 2009

Yes, it is very true because as you said, the eyes reflect the true inward feelings.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes that had nothing? It seemed like their was no soul in the person?

8 10 2009

I loved that saying Jonathan.

Interesting that you made that comment Samnangp, I was thinking about touching on that point, yes, I have seen them and it is a sad sight.

17 10 2009

Clary, It’s countless to mention how many times I found people who are talking while their eyes are telling they are not telling the truth either being men or women. On the other hand, it’s also countless to mention how many times I found people who are just expressing themselves with eyes without any talk because they are simply pure as much as they can.

The perfect example for the 1st case: politicians (majority not all) because I am not for generalising, where as the perfect example for 2nd case is simply babies, well at least for 2 years old 😀

23 10 2009

I think they are. It seems like I can get a pretty good impression of someone just by watching their eyes for a few seconds.

4 12 2009
Keval Gajjar

yes,thats very true that our eyes are windows of the soul,i want to share a one thing to you clary that if you ever be in tension about whatever it is,then just listen to your heart,our heart is a junction between our brain and mind….so believe in what your heart is saying…because sometime brain and mind tries to confuse,at that time we should hear the voice of heart,heart always tells the truth….and our eyes are also doors for our mind….and our soul is very near to our heart chakra (heart root)…so we can feel in our heart what our soul is saying……
very nice post.

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