Your Light

17 09 2009


Life has its ways to take us to places we never thought, to foreign lands and uncertain future. There is only one way to face to odds against us, with faith and hope. There is always a light somewhere even if it is far away from us, the ones who loves us provide that shine and we move onto the new path with support, with hope even with some of our dreams hanging from our hearts. Anything is possible when the slate has been cleaned, we have a chance to recreate our world, to dig deep and see what it is will take us there this time around and who are the ones that remain beside us. It is at that moment when sentiments dingle or are strengthen, when the love dies or grow, when hope flourish or dry out. What is true remains as we continue to look for that light while walking in the darkness.



One response

20 09 2009

amidst the darkness, the smallest point of light draws our attention. I recall on a flight to Australia flying over the vast darkness of the Pacific night. On the horizon was a tiny point of light: Fiji. Everyone who was still awake on that side of the plane just stared out the window until the light faded behind us. When darkness returned, people went back to other interests.

May the light(s) that attract you and your dreams be more than passing glimmers in the night. May they blossom into the brightness of day, and engulf you in their warmth and vision.

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