Calming Down

13 09 2009

There is so much pressure, worries and disappointments around us. Looking for ways to come to the center of all, where the spirit of God lies deep within if we let it helps to calm us and most of all gives us strength. I use prayer, meditation and music to help me get there, without it there is the possibility that I may go mad with all that goes on around me sometimes. Native music with flute is one of my favorites ever since I visited New Mexico seven years ago. Today I want to share some with you. I hope you enjoy it and begin your day relaxed and hopeful.



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13 09 2009

Clary, I know what you mean about Native music being so relaxing. Near where I live is a reconstructed Iroquois village complete with Longhouses. I love going there and sitting in the village between the longhouses and listening to the Native music being played on flutes. It is so peaceful and I find I do a lot more creative writing immersed in the atmosphere.

Thank you for sharing this! Wishing you peace and strength!

14 09 2009
Manuel Mendoza

Prayer,Meditation an Smooth Music either frm Thee Native American to thee
SouthAmerican Native Indians,.
Ther Native Music smooths the Soul & Heart to wonder off with a glimpes of
tackling Presures,Disappointments & the Rough & Tumbles of Life it-self..
Which we all go thru in our daily lives,brings our Inner Self to Explore or Discover other ways to deal with our hardships,by thinking & Putting things into prepsective views onto thee opening.
Thru their Flutes the smooth Music downplays our thinking into a more
positive motion,& relaxes our mind to b more frre-thinking with out obsticles.
To have a better understanding of our downfalls,an to b able to Challenge
all our hills & mountains we all have to go thru in our daily lives…
Now there are other forms of smooth music out there that calm our
inner self to b more positive people in this society,we call the HumanRace…

Once again my Dear ‘SweetHeart Clary’,Tu eres lo Maximo,y muy Bellia
con mucho passion de ti ……………..

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