Holding It In

9 09 2009

For the longest time we have been trained to hold things up. Living in a society demands that sometimes we don’t speak of certain topics or opinions. When it comes to relationships it is pretty much the same but one thing I know is that no communication=no relationship. Holding in opinions, emotions, hurt, ideas, disagreements, etc takes a toll on anyone. There is a fine line between being honest and rude, between expressing our frustration and insulting someone in the process. At times is best to just walk away. Words can’t never be taken back but not because of it we are to be so afraid to utter them, in some occasions they are essential to help resolve a situation.

Holding things in for too long only leads to an imminent explosion and out of control situation. There is only so much we all can take and for our own emotional and health we need to learn to release from time to time.

What is your experience with holding it in? Have you learned ways to release in order not to create too much pressure that will provoke an “explosion”?



2 responses

9 09 2009
Bill Howdle

Hi Clary, I finally got up the post on how I was able to deal with and let go of some of the anger I carried within. I realize I have made it sound a lot simpler that it was, it did take work. I suppose what I posted was more a list of what spurred me on. Please check it out.

9 09 2009

Great topic Clary!

One of my earliest experiments with release was to simply pick up my bass guitar and play. The music was an outlet for many emotions from pain to anger to joy and just plain zany.

Now I use humour to express things to try to avoid explosions. Though admittedly, humour is tricky because occasionally it is ill-timed or taken wrongly, and can make a situation worse.

It really depends on who you are talking with; some resposnd best to gentle nudges, some to humour, and some to forthright discussion.

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