Dealing with the Unexpected

17 08 2009

Life has ways to throw at us the unexpected, is not meant to be planned out to the last detail. Having room for the unexpected will move us into areas that perhaps we never consider but that now we are right in the middle of it. I hate it when that happens, but never the less I have to deal with it; sometimes badly, others much better. It all has to do with attitude I guess.

How do you deal with the unexpected??



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17 08 2009

It really depends on what the unexpected is… good or bad? Either way, I try to just go with the flow. When things get really tense/intense, I tell myself “this is one of those things that I will laugh about someday” and just get through it by trying to oberve/record as much as possible so I have more detail to tell in future!

17 08 2009

That is a good point, to remember that someday we might laugh about it, it has happened so many other times but when we are in the middle of it you think it is so horrible. Thanks for the reminder. šŸ™‚

21 08 2009
Manuel Mendoza

Dealing with thee Unexpected,,,I Learn from the experince,take notes & try
to solve it in the best way possible,or try to come to terms with what is going
on. Now most of the times or me has been an Adventure,to seek,to follow up,
to ask why its happening,to attemp to resolve,in a diplomatic way,so there
is No Harm to all parties involved in thee UNEXPECTED situation.
Most of the times I’ve gone Head-On,Challenage,& few times it was mor of
a joke on all those that are involved,just to see What we as individuals
would do,if placed in that position,,For future reffernses.
My UNEXPECTED Dealings have always been a Learning & Diplomatic situations.

Much mor delicate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Again mi Amiga del Alma Your Awesome,Keep it Up,MI Clary..

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