Unspoken Words

29 07 2009

If only Michael knew…
I was listening to the radio the other day and they were playing a few of Michael Jackson’s songs, all the sudden a fan got on the line and express what Michael and his music meant to him. It was moving, it was profound, such beautiful sentiments and words to transmit something I wished Michael heard while he was alive. Who knows if he would have listened to those words, all those words spoken at the time of his death if that who have had some impact on how he view his life and help him in some way. They were the same words that went unspoken for so long for him.

I guess we can take that lesson and if someone has impacted our life in such a profound and meaningful way we should express it loudly, so that the world will hear it somehow. I am guilty to think that the ones I love will live forever and that somehow, by the way I act and the things I do, they know how I truly feel but the truth is that they need to hear the words while I look deep into their eyes. I am having the time to reflect upon many things now and while I do I try to see what could be changed for the better. It might be unfamiliar ground but the reward will be strength, strength I did not know I had and the power of words to express what is in my heart.

There is way more to come, I know and yet I am okay with it. I guess I will try to let go of the tight route I had in mind and for once explore and be surprised with new discoveries. It is not always fine to live life knowing exactly (or trying) what comes next. It will be best to be really good at navigating our vessel in order to face whatever comes our way and at the same time make sure we speak the words straight from the heart not waiting til tomorrow.

What is your experience with unspoken words?



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30 07 2009

Great post. It always interests me that some people are far more open with their thoughts and opinions than others – and are therefore far more likely to give compliments.

Isn’t it weird though how a compliment from one person might be seen as something more, and yet a compliment from another will be welcomed ?

3 08 2009

Many missed opportunties with unspoken words…

But in some cases, some things are best left unspoken. Would you agree?

6 08 2009

You made a good point Jonathan, it has to do with the way we express ourselves also.

And yes, sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.

8 08 2009

Hi Clary. I am indian Blackie. So my thoughts are not very good. Forgive me. Whites get reply. Blackies like me don’t.

8 08 2009

Hello swissknifev, thanks for coming and leaving your thoughts here. I have not been here daily like I used to but as long as you leave respectful comments and thoughts they will be postedso that others can benefit from them, not just me. Enjoy the resto of the weekend.

10 08 2009

Thank you ma’am. Your are a wonderful woman. I respect you. I also understand that you are busy. MY comments come out of expressions, I face the harder side of life. Sure others can benefit. But prejudice exists in the world. By the way, in INDIA i am OK. I an a DON. No one can even look at me without facing hard consequences. But that is not a point. People must be judged on thought. VALUES.

No one can even touch me here. BUT… that’s not the issue.
The issue here is HUMANITY. Values, values, values.

I care a damn for the WORLD. i CAN SPEAK MY MIND and get away.

this is the value i want to tell the valueless.

Take care. GOODBYE.

17 08 2009

Thanx. I have ended. No particular use.

17 08 2009


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