Where are you when I need you?

18 07 2009


It takes time I know, it takes dedication and we are all so busy. Is friendship an art that is quickly going down the drain? It comes easy when we are young and with not many responsibilities but once we enter the real world and life situations that special bond becomes less and less frequent among us.

I have been lucky enough to have a few lifetime friendships, we are there for each other no matter what and no matter how far we are from each other. Nothing or nobody separate us but what about the friendships we develop later in life? Why is it that they are not as strong or lasting? I am beginning to think because most of the time there is another person(s) with us (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriends, kids) and if there is not a good connection with them also the whole thing sooner or later falls apart.

Time is another issue, it takes time and dedication to develop the communication and closeness with our friends and in our busy, busy lives there is not much room for anything meaningful to develop before it dies. I am not sure if different countries has anything to do as well: the way of living, the customs, the family, the culture in general. Some countries cater to this kind of interaction and facilitates the places where these kind of encounters can take place. People are relaxed, welcoming and friendly. I need that, I think we all do at many different levels.

What do you think?



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19 07 2009

As always you have a keen sense of observation Clary!

My reply was long-winded so I opted to post it on my blog instead. 😉

19 07 2009

And where is your blog? I would love to read your post.

19 07 2009
Manuel Mendoza

Well my life is pretty much thee INTERNET, Yes it Does take TIME & Detication on both to make the frndship work,lots of communications..But all in all if both want it to WorkOut ,You both have to Put mor into it!!!
For me i make frnds easyly. So its not hard for me to accept ppl for who they are or what they do..Only bad prt of it is that if thee other person does not see you as a frnd,,it could get STICKY on both parties. So at times one must put down the cards so that there is no FALES UNDERSTANDINGS on Both Sides…
But I Belive that FRNDSHIP Will Continue to Grow an Prosper,just Give it a bit of Love & Understanding…
Again mi corazon Amiga del Alma Clary,Your Awesome,,Love Your Writings!!!

19 07 2009

oh, sorry Clary! I thought you could link through my name here. My new blog is at:



29 07 2009

I tend to think that if a connection is there, you will find a way, find time. Excellent post…

(I just happened upon a comment from you on my blog from ages ago – and realised I never followed it up – subscribing to your blog now!)

17 08 2009

just so happens I have been pondering this question today. just finished “axing” 2/3 of the people on my facebook account who were “friends” because the term ment absolutely nothing.

Emerson has some great quotes on friendship. You’d love them if you’ve never read them. I’ve only read a couple of his things and the one on friendship is so insightful…. Friendships can’t be rushed, they are precious, and they take time. We crave the fruit of deep friendships and try to rush the process…it doesn’t work.

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