The Way Things Are

8 07 2009

I come to this blog daily with the hope that something from within will make its way out to share with you, as you can see it hasn’t happened. The well is dry and I don’t know what or when it will fill up again. These moments are forcing me to stay quite, reflective and wondering. Nothing happens. I sit for long periods of times with my eyes closed and my heart open and yet nothing happens. I know that at any given moment everything could change. I am not expecting anything in particular, I just wait. The sun goes up and it goes down and the breeze caress my skin, I contemplate the ocean and watch the birds fly over me. I want to lay down and just be. That was part of my 4th of July day as everyone else played on the sand and the beach. I stood on the bridge over the bay as the fireworks illuminated the sky and l appreciated the hard work those people must have done to give us such a beautiful display. How can they mix their explosives to make such beautiful colors and shapes in the sky? All in all I was thankful for the day. Hope yours was a good one as well.



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