Lying to Ourselves

24 06 2009

Life is no walk in the park, love is another “twenty dollars” and we keep lying to ourselves just to make it through half the time. It should not be that way, it is just the way we decide to navigate through life trying to make believe that all dreams can and should come true. The reality is that not all we want is good for us and not all we dream is really meant to become a reality.

I truly believe that we are here to learn how to love. We all want to be loved but few of us know how to love. Most of us think that love is just a warm and fuzzy feeling when in reality is that and then is also pain and sacrifice. Just look at the crucifix and you will see what true love is; unconditional, total and self-giving. Not so appealing when you see it that way but that is what would ultimately measure this feeling and by what our life will be evaluated when it comes to its end.

Ever since I was seven years old I wondered about love and what it entails and as my life evolved I encountered many opportunities to experience different kinds and levels of love. Today I continue to add more facets in the rock of my soul which is supposed to shine for others as the challenges and trial cuts deep within me wounded with this love. It is the pressure and heat of my daily trails that transforms me into what I am supposed to be. I don’t want any part of it but little by little I am put to the test involuntarily. My reaction to these involuntary opportunities to grow and ultimately shine is what determines if I will be able to be transformed and complete my mission and be happy. Many times I have picked my own battles and retrieve way before is all over. I am slowly learning that is not me the one to choose my battles but the one to receive the orders, and then equipped with what I have been given stay on the battleground until the mission is accomplished. I would not be given a mission I can’t accomplish and by doing so, no matter how long it takes, is the way in which I will experience the kind joy and happiness God wants for me.

To be quite frank there are still a lot to learn about love but I am being brought up to speed to the most difficult of it, by the intensity of my emotions stirred up by my trials. Under the pressure, the tears, the tremors, the confusion, the pain and the cluttered mind my love is put to the test. I could choose to escape and then lie to myself into something less challenging and momentarily pleasant than to wait, take the heat, be molded and transformed to be ultimately rewarded with life anew. The physical realm is great but the physical with the spiritual together is out of this world.



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25 06 2009

Interesting read! I read a great book that helped me evaluate my relationship with my man and rediscover the prince that I married. There’s even a cool, easy contest that goes with it. Check out

26 06 2009

Thanks for your comment noelle123, I will check out the site. 🙂

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