Emotional After Shocks

8 06 2009


Tragedy and the unexpected has a way to shake the earth from right under us, in a split second what was so familiar and secure becomes the face of something totally unknown. When the masks fall to the ground we are face to face with reality, a reality we were not prepared to welcome into our life. We try hard to remember what was and wish that it still is, but is not.

The deep cracks that the strong shocks provoke to us emotionally seem to grow more and more as it uncovers the layers beneath the topsoil. Every once in a while an after shock moves everything that once was so stable within us and we wonder if it will be ever reach that point again. I can’t tell you by experience because this is my very first experience of this kind, never thought I would live to see it. All I know right now is that I am stronger than I thought and from now I will be better prepared to face whatever comes my way.



2 responses

12 06 2009
lyssa ericka

hi! thanks for your wonderful comment. i’m sure you do inspire a lot of people. and i’ll add your site to my blogroll to share the same inspiration i got from you. 🙂
keep inspiring.

12 06 2009

Thank you for stopping by Lyssa, I meant it.

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