Still Standing

6 06 2009

Sixteen long and hard days, that is all I can say. My mind and body grew weary and my heart is quench with pain. Thank God that I can always count on him. Lover of my soul who tend to my every need and whisper in my ear as I close my eyes and drift away in tears. It is because of him that I am here, still standing. I could see the forces coming at me from every angle and direction and yet, I am still standing. I follow his inspirations, I listen to his word. Got to learn to breathe deeply once again. I am stronger than I thought even though I was born a fighter. I never foresaw this battle and yet here it is, testing all that is in me. I close my eyes and drift away to what was calm, to what was peaceful. Now I am forced into a vigil. At the gate still standing, no enemy will pass the walls.