An Peace Befall Me

2 06 2009

For an inexplicable reason peace has befall me today, I am grateful for the sudden release of pressure from my heart and soul. I was getting really weary unable to think and analyze past events and decide on the present and future events that my life will take. I feel like floating about my body, that fragile glove that covers what is really important to me; my heart, soul and my sanity. I have a few helping hands surrounding me ready to catch me just in case I fall.

All I want to listen now is the sound of the mountain streams. I close my eyes and feel the coolness, the freshness of the air as I imagine myself sitting on the ground under the shade of oversize trees. You can listen to it here and like me feel the calm transform all worries into a tiny hope that in time might burst into a bright light for my path.

Water is the symbol of life and apart from it we can’t go too far. May the sight and sounds heal each and every cell of my being as I open my heart for such healing to take place. How lucky I am to have a spiritual connection with some of my friends that when I needed them the most they came to my rescue. Time and space are nothing compared to the power of the spirit that travels and transcends unimaginable distance.

Please tell me what peace means to you.



One response

2 10 2009

The ultimate peace to me is when my heart and soul is connected to my creator inspite of all the chaos going around me, which enables my mind to be free from worries, pains, pressures,etc., which allows me to have the power to be inspired and create the life i want to live.

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