Magical Moments

1 06 2009

There are moments in life when the unexpected happens but in a positive way, what you thought lost suddenly is found. The dim light at the end of the tunnel that perhaps would lead you out, a warm smile that would make your tears stop flowing out.

Magical moments, miracles, dreams pursued that give life and meaning to our existence. Helping our mind to stay focused and given strength were there was none. I wish I knew why it left but I am so thankful that is back. There are right and wrong moments, and maybe that is all it was.


Strong as mountain, majestic as the waterfalls stimulating all the senses as it transform itself with the sun rays in the midst, a rainbow appears as the symbol of hope. How could I walk away from it as my eyes remain in awe? A smile emerge softly on my lips every now and then, dreams of a new tomorrow whatever that might be. Thunder rolling fast as the darkness engulf my spirit. It is transformation time, magical moments lay ahead. I know I see it not right now but I have to think it will, in time it will and the water will flow freely refreshing all that was stagnant and giving new life to all that almost die. My eyes are growing weary of so much emotion welling out of them, there are brief moments of tranquility but then they come again like waves to the shore.

Magical moments of clarity that even though they illuminate shades we don’t want to see it is what needs to be faced in order to go on. Stare right at the poison that logged itself in our heart and to drive it out with force at whatever price.