A Message from Above

31 05 2009

I know how easy it could be to go through life without hearing God talk to us not even once, but then again it could be that we are not aware of it or even listening.

I have been crying out to God, to step in, to show up, to provide me with what I so desperately need right now, I don’t have it, he does and unless he pour it into me it will never be there.

Today is Pentecost Sunday, I dressed in red without even thinking about it and went to church. I carry with me a little book that helps me pray and meditate whenever the Spirit moves me, so I sat on the pew, knelt for a few minutes and then pulled out my little book. As I read I gasped for air; it was him, he was talking to me through the message I was reading. I felt his presence, his embrace, his pain for my pain and my eyes welled with tears, I could hardly see the words that were consoling me. My heart started pounding harder as I said, “oh God, oh God” and continued to try to hold back my tears. He is always there when I need him, no matter how long ago was the last time he revealed himself to me through whatever means he could use to touch me and let me know he was there, I am never alone. I ran to the restroom to get napkins since today for the first time I did not have my handkerchief, tears bathe my face. I don’t like to be dramatic, I wish I could just bury everything inside but all burst out like a volcano when I least expect it. I can’t hide my emotions. After that sweet embrace with God I felt calm come over me and then he provided me with even more with Bible scriptures and finally with the priest’s words. After the encounter my body felt weak and at times I was dizzy but nonetheless I was fed and strengthen to know he was there with me and that he no longer remained silent while I was looking for him so desperately.

I wish everyone has the chance to have the same experience, perhaps you have but if you haven’t be open and alert. Don’t expect to hear his voice but listen to the voices, music, sounds, words, anything that surrounds you. He uses so many things and people to let us know he is there and yet many don’t even know it. I wish I could explain this better for you but when you hear him you will know what I am talking about. Yield, be silent, pray, stop trying to have control and you will see what happens.

Today I can breathe a little bit more and it is because of him, because he is lifting some of the weight off my heart for a little bit. I hope that while I have this time that he also give me the wisdom to know what I should do next and gives me the courage to face what will be befall me. That is all I ask.




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1 06 2009
Dan Garcia

There’s an old saying:
God doesn’t provide when we want him to, But he always provides just in time.

No matter what we ma want in life, we have to bow to his plan.

2 06 2009

Hi Clary,

I came across your site from a link on another one that I liked. So I didn’t know what to expect. Then I saw this blog entry. And, it touched me because it was so familiar. The signs from the Divine arise from our soul and can be seen through things all around us, every day, all the time. It is sad that so few people see them as they only open their eyes to the next thing they want for themselves.

The reason I’m writing is your last paragraph: “the wisdom to know what to do” and “the courage to face what will befall.” Of course I have no idea of the particular details of your life and would not dare guess what you should do. But, I would suggest this: That we are given a conscience and creativity and other gifts to use as best we are able. Few of us are saints, few can be Mother Theresa, but all of us can sympathize with others, or make a joke to lighten someone’s burden for a moment. I believe that God is infinite Love, and I suggest that through loving others we can find our way to serve Him.

May you find a path that leads to Peace and Joy

8 06 2009

Welcome to my blog Brad. Love is the answer to many of our ills. We also need to be patient in order to see God’s work in our life like Dan said, in his time not mine.

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