Standing among the Ruins

29 05 2009


There are moments in our life when we are called to stand among the ruins of all that befall us. As we look around at what was and what no longer is we wonder, only the strongest parts are still standing and they will stand forever.

Is it possible to rebuild upon those parts or should we contemplate what was and move on with the knowledge of what stood the test of time and incorporate it into rebuilding somewhere else? In life I guess we can do either one.

For those of you who had that experience I would love to hear what it was like and which route you decided to take. I have never seen anyone who reconstruct a ruin and succeed, have you?



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30 05 2009

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is slowly being rebuilt. But it will never be the same as its original glory.

It has been a long time since my whole naive world came crashing down when I was 16. Youthful – dare I say immature – ways of dealing with it were by trying to ignore it with alcohol and other methods. But eventually I came through the ruins.

I guess the older I get and the more I go through, the less that shocks me in life. And even through the toughest trials I go through, I always remind myself that someday I will look back on the current trial as a period of growth, and sometimes even manage a laugh or two over the whole situation.

I also believe that trials are meant to remind us of the unchanging nature of God and to strengthen our faith and trust.

1 06 2009
Dan Garcia

A reconstructed ruin will never be as atrong as is was origionally meant to be and in time it will once again fall. Especially if it was destroyed from within. Trust can never again be given to those who swore to protect it, but chose to destroy it. This I have learned.

17 06 2009

I saw a aurgeon about my low back injury. He told me I can never do heavy lifting again. I asked him if I will ever be able to lift a nornal weight again. Right now I can’t lift much more than about two gallons.

He didn’t really answer my question, but he did tell me that when God closes one door, He opens ten others. My back is ruined and can’t be re-built. Barring miraculous healing, I’ll never be like I was before the injury. Looks like it’s time to make a new life…

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