Healing Sounds

27 05 2009

I tried to write all day with no success, too much going on, too much noise and the thoughts and emotions escalate to heights I never thought or felt before. So I decided not to worry about until now, the day is almost over and I need to let go of some thoughts as I prepare myself to try to sleep a full night for a change.

I heard that exercise helps to relax and to uplift moods, I need that. I walked for 25 minutes, got on my medicine ball and then danced for while. Now is my mind that needs to relax, writing will do while I listen to Yanni to block all the noise outside my bedroom door. I let the vibration of the music to resonate deep within and hopefully it will stimulate me towards a “better rhythm.”

I am going to leave you here one that I love, enjoy it!



2 responses

28 05 2009

Can you believe that I have heard of Yanni, but never actually heard him sing. Thank you for the pleasant education. He is very talented and I feel myself in “rhythm” with you!

28 05 2009

He integrated voices to his music this year. You might want to check it out on YouTube

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