26 05 2009


Shattered, looking back at what once was but that lies broken at my feet. Rises up with power but the image is not quite the same. Uneasy feeling of loss and hurt, pain and sorrow, bleeding through the wounds. Shadows, smoking mirrors is all I see. Even if mended it will forever show the millions cracks under the skin, reminder of a fatal blow. If there is a resurrection I want to know but haven’t seen one yet. Lord rise me up to you and heal me you are my only hope, you who love so perfectly and forgive while you forget.



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26 05 2009
Dan Garcia

Each fragment of glass is a reminder of what cannot be repaired. No mater how much we wish the window to be salvaged in time the fragments will start to crumble. It will become sharp shards, which will cut into us and cause worse pain. They can’t be touched. The only obvious solution will be to sweep them away and replace the windowpane. Through a new windowpane you’ll see a brighter day.

26 05 2009
Bill Howdle

The picture of the shattered glass provides a powerful image. Even shattered as it is though we can still see our way through it. More difficult yes, but we can still see a way forward. Never give up hope, just move as slowly as you need to and you will get through all of this. You are a strong, powerful woman but even the strongest occasionally need a shoulder to lean on. I am glad you are doing that as needed.
You are in my prayers.

26 05 2009

As Bill said the picture is a powerful image.
There is a powerful song that talks about our dreams “The Anchor holds”.
“I’ve had visions and I’ve had dreams, I’ve even held them in my hands, but I never knew those dreams could slip right through like they were only grains of sand……….The anchor holds though the ship is battered, …. I have fallen on my knees as I face the raging seas, the anchor holds in spite of the storm.” God has used that song many many times in my life to remind me that no matter how the storm rages, He (my anchor) is keeping me. If you haven’t heard the song u-tube it – Ray Boltz wrote it.

27 05 2009

Thank you so much for all your comments. Gloria, thank you for sharing with me that beautiful song, it is today’s post for me and anyone who might need it. God bless.

28 05 2009

Deeply thoughtful and reflective of many at this time of (economic crisis).

A captive read enhanced of the photo.

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