Looking for the Light

23 05 2009

Three days have past and not one meal consumed, not sure if I am fasting or just looking to drift away. I hurt, I pray, I cry, I breathe deeply before I lose my strength. I feel like on a merry-go-round, wanting it to stop and get off and at the same time someone pushes it so it won’t stop. All I consume is liquids and my mouth still feels dry, my body gets hot then cold. Last night I could sleep thanks to Melatonin otherwise it would have been like the two night previous, still by 4:45 am I was already awake.

I came here to see a miracle, love the words, remember? I see them once more and suddenly a dim light appears in the horizon. I used to be the lighthouse now it is me who needs one.



4 responses

23 05 2009
Dan Garcia

You’re still a lighthouse. You’re just braving a storm like no other. A lighthouse is strong, firm, and the one thing a lost ship can depend on. Right now your structure might be weak but your walls WILL NOT CRUMBLE. Stay strong, brave the storm, and let your light shine bright. There’s a lost ship trying to find it’s way home.

24 05 2009

WOW~Mr. Garcia words it all better than I ever could! but do hang on, dear sister! Know that these are the times that produce fruit, that a spiritual growth will happen in you that would not have appeared without this time of trial. God bless you through it all!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~saying a prayer on your behalf this minute!

25 05 2009
Dan Garcia

Thanks titus2woman you are too kind

24 05 2009

Thank you so much. I sure don’t feel like that anymore since transformation has been at work for so long now but it is true the spiritual growth pushes me to places I not know but that I need to discover and experience in order to continue growing.

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