President Obama @ Notre Dame

17 05 2009

I truly thought that President Obama would have the respect to stay away from an institution who stands for everything he doesn’t believe in, mainly the sanctity of life. Even though the President of Notre Dame invited him in his disillusion, ignorance or unfaithfullness to his own Catholic faith. Notre Dame is either on its way to not to be counted as a Catholic University or they need a real priest to be in charge of it. I am ashamed to see someone go against over 100 Bishops who opposed this appearance in Notre Dame, compromise the totality of our faith and on top of that honor an individual (whoever he might be) and call himself Catholic.

I read that the President will use the opportunity to reach out to Catholics but we need way more than words, we need actions. He presented himself deceitfully to Christians on his campaign when he spoke of abortion, marriage and many other moral issues in order to get people’s votes. Now we can see him for what he truly stands for. Actions speak louder than words. And don’t deceive yourself with those percentages shown on Catholics supporting him because those who do most likely don’t even know or practice their Catholic faith.



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19 05 2009

It is a sad day in the Catholic Church when an avowed enemy of the Church’s moral teachings is honored under the guise of “dialogue,” especially when a Catholic priest had been arrested on campus for protesting the honorary degree not two days before.

There is a time to reach out and and understand what motivates others, and there is a time to engage the culture in order to promote the Church’s mission. What happened at Notre Dame on Sunday accomplished neither. It was an act of willful pride by a rogue priest, Fr. John Jenkins, who essentially dared his local bishop to hold him accountable for further eroding the Catholic character of a university he has consistently led farther away from the Church in pursuit of secular prestige.

Fr. Jenkins’s introduction of Obama was delivered in the kind of gushing, awestruck tones that priests should properly reserve for God alone. As I listened to him heap praise upon a man who deserved none, I could not help but think that were was an air of idolatry in his voice.

Of course, those who supported Obama’s invitation and honorary degree will frame all opposition in political terms, making it seem like all opposition was the work of partisan right wing extremists. This only betrays their own biases, as their chronic inability to see anything from an apolitical perspective – even those things that are properly the domain of religion and morality – is put on full display. And like you said, these individuals really do come across as completely clueless about the nature of Catholic belief and practice. Little wonder, then, that they are unable to see this scandal from a religious and moral perspective.

20 05 2009

Yes, it was disgusting to see priests fawning over Obama. They all but shined his shoes. As for his silly story about fishing, does he suggest Nazis and Jews just go fishing? Slave-holders and abolitionists? And why should pro-lifers and pro-choicers work together to reduce abortions? Unless abortion is an evil, why bother to make it rare? Why not work for more abortions? His words betray his position.

21 05 2009
Lin Stone

It is really scary what’s going on in the country now. Obama promised to get us out of Iraq, and now troops are being sent into still another country. One of my sayings describes compromise the same way obama wants it: Compromise is where we agree to take one step back and they agree to take two steps forward.
We still haven’t seen the end of bailouts, but we have seen yet more taxes sprung on our poor tax payers.

But look on the bright side, if a few priests can stray this far from the avowed course and get away with it then there is a powerful testimony of pure faith to be seen in the actions from those that remain devoutly faithful.

26 05 2009

At least now we catholics will become aware of our Catholic institutions and what we want from them and what they deliver.

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