Hope – What we need most

5 05 2009


It is the topic of the moment, it is what we need the most today. Life has become a roll-a-coaster for many people; high emotions, uncertainty, pressures and worries but we can’t surrender to it all the time or we will no survive.

To me personally it becomes a time when I begin to be tense and hate not be able to control many factors in my life but what helps me is to lift the focus on myself and see who can I help instead. I am so much better at looking outside my situations and looking for solutions or new ideas. This is the time to call on our inner core and let that show us what it is we are supposed to be doing. It is always about what can we do for others instead for ourselves. When we think of others and serve them we are rewarded in return.

I have been trying to help someone for the last two weeks with no success, if the person can’t make an effort and find a way to communicate with me there is not much I can do even if I wanted to. So I decided to share here some of the things I reflected upon in order to come up with some ideas to recreate one’s life in order to survive these times.

Many of us have been displaced from what we were used to do and provide for our families; some have lost their jobs, quit, got sick, divorced or have lost what you worked so hard for. It all feels like a nightmare and in a good effort we are trying to go on doing what we have done for so many years but that is not what we should do. Times have changed and because of it we are called to change as well.

This is the time to sit down and reevaluate who we are, what we stand for, our skills and education and most of all our mission. I know many of us have never done anything like it but perhaps all of this was meant to take us to where we were meant to be or do to begin with. It is a wake up call. Now, go with me for a minute. Think about it. What are you good at? Now think about others and how they can use your help and experience. I assure you that the moment you start looking to find what is needed and how you can offer it to them according to your gifts, talents, education and experience you soon will be creating new ways to generate income. The big majority of people have been accustomed to be told what to do and then get paid for it, we have spent a lifetime working for someone else dreams. Our creative spirit has not seen the light of day in a very long time but it is there. Dig in deep, pray if you have to, take long walks, talk to those who know you best, ask them what they see in you and what they think your talents are if you don’t know. Think that anything is possible and that you will never know for sure until you try.

Change is hard for some people, and the longer we persist to continue doing what we have done just the way it has always been done, the harder it will be to emerge triumphant onto the other side. This is the time to navigate waters we have never explored before and discover new territories, it could be the very thing that will let us see a new dawn. So I will suggest to look within and then outside ourself, find ways to serve, join other like minded individuals that can help us, form forces to work towards a common goal, don’t isolate, none of this is our fault, there is something better we should be doing and the world is waiting for each and everyone of us to do our part. Most of all, let’s not lose Hope.

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Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



2 responses

6 05 2009

Depression is a difficult thing to overcome because it usually involves a downward spiral. And the more depressed a person gets, the more they feel inadequate which only worsens the cycle.

When dealing with depresed person, patience patience patience. That is a tremendous key. What normally happens is the one who wishes to help eventually gets so frustrated that they get angry or abandon the depressed person altogether.

Let them know you are there and willing to help, but also give them a bit of space.

If the depression is severe and you are deeply concerned that they are a danger to others or themselves, a call to a crisis hotline for advice on how to intervene with the person is a good idea.

Where there is hope, there is life. Sometimes all it takes is one glimmer of hope and a trusted friend to help recover from depression.

6 05 2009

nice posting,
” This is the time to sit down and reevaluate who we are, what we stand for, our skills and education and most of all our mission “, great quote.
best regard and have great day

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