4 05 2009

The Thread, CLOSET CRASHING: Kelly Bensimon @ Yahoo! Video

I was really impressed with Kelly’s closet, a work of art and fine pieces to showcase each shelf and rod. Click on the image and you will be able to see it too.

It got me thinking about the things we value and how we care for them. To me personally that is way too much, she most have a lot of money to spend to be able to do that, I don’t. I love the organization though and my contents would differ somewhat from hers. At this moment my closet is a little bit of a mess but this inspired me to get in there and organize it a little bit. I already have some of my treasures there which varies from clothes to shoes to books and pictures! I noticed she had a shelf with a few books there too!

What is in your closet??



2 responses

6 05 2009

Tools, comics, a broken 35mm camera and a Mickey Mouse telephone. No skeletons.

8 05 2009

Clothes, suitcase and lots of space!

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