Do Schools Kills Creativity?

24 04 2009



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29 04 2009

Very interesting perspective on education vs creativity. Heard the “why bother with music and writing because you will never make money at it” many times in life.

The only education systems that I know of that highly encouraged the arts in the 20th century were those in the USSR (Soviet Union), China, and North Korea. Artists painted brilliant images on posters; musicians and film-makers produced very powerful pieces. Mind you, the posters, music and films were for the purpose of spreading government ideology to the people, but at least the arts flourished and never lacked for funding or training.

Some authors like Mikhail Bulgakov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn managed to write portraits of life that were not as glossy as the government wished. Bulgakov lived during the time of Stalin and his novel The Master and Margarita is a highly-creative satirical picture of life in 1930’s USSR.

An artist is an artist. Entrap them within walls for awhile and try to restrict them, but a painter will always return to painting; a musician will return to music; a writer will return to writing.

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