Watching from the Sidelines

30 03 2009


This has to be the hardest stage I have to go through while raising my kids. Once they get to their teens they begin to make their own choices and with it comes their mistakes. It has taken me a lot of time to build a solid foundation under them and now it is time to see what they do with it.

When it comes to not making the right choices or not measuring the consequences it is very hard for me to made me understood. It is frustrating to try to guide and then be disregarded over and over again. As a parent I has always been ready to lead, protect, provide, motivate, encourage, and fight if I have to. There is only so much we can do to prevent certain devastating consequences at this stage and unfortunately some kids don’t learn their lessons until they hit the bottom. I am not sure if they are crying for something they are not getting from us or if they are just plain stupid sometimes. At this point I am trying to get some feedback from experienced parents and so far they come to the same conclusion: there is not much you can do but to watch from the sidelines and pray as hard as you can for a good outcome.

What are your experiences with these situations? What has worked and what hasn’t?



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31 03 2009

My experience is that when my sonss do something they shouldn’t or are doing something their not suppose to… Then I talk to them, burn their bums if necessary, get them to understand, and hug n kiss them ’til I feel better.

I find that no matter how old they get at leist so far they always want to know that you love them; and that you have to show them, and not just tell them or assume they know… Very much like women; even boys want to know.

Hopefully, they will listen.

Semper Fidelis Mommy

1 04 2009

I let them know I love them; in word and actions. They might think they can outgrow mom’s love but that is not the case, at least not with this mom. lol

1 04 2009

Good morning Clary, I know how you’re feeling. I too have been under circumstances where I thought at the time there was no way out. With the death of five immidate members in my family cancer striking them down divorce and losing half a million dollars plus all my small companies consisting of three. and contimpating suicide ( twice) only to be lead away from making this huge huge mistake I was lead by the Lord to continue on and to show others ,that there is a way and that’s through Him and Him alone. I don’t mean to preach to you,But through Jesus. One can find peace and hope. I care and love all people both good and bad. But I try to give them hope by letting them know that there are those who really care hun. Hang in there and ask Him to show you the way. Sincerely Charlott

1 04 2009

If, you care to be friends Clary, conatct me sometime. We all need true good and at least a good ear for someone to hear our problems when we think no one is listening.hugs charlott

2 04 2009
Michie DeBerry

Let me share with you my experience, which is the other end of the spectrum from what you are asking for. My name is Michie DeBerry, and I’m 19 years old. I hit rock bottom. I was a heroin addict. The child is reaching out, reaching out to fill a hole in his heart that only the Savior, Jesus Christ, can fill. Do you know Jesus Christ? Are you saved? If you died today, where would you go? He doesn’t have a decision problem, he doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem, what he has is a relationship with God problem. Fix the relationship, and everything else will be taken care of.
God bless,
Michie D.

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