Finding Ways

16 03 2009


It is important to look for those things that helps us gain strength, tranquility and at the same time recharge us. To me it is the sea. I go there as much as I can and take a few moments during my walk to stop and look out to the horizon and let go of whatever troubles me. It is a ritual of sorts, I give it out and expect to get something positive into my life.

I breathe in deeply, close my eyes and feel the breeze, listen to the waves coming to the shore.

I love the feel of the wet sand under my feet,to feel the water and the sun warmth on my skin.

I walk and walk and I don’t want to go back home, because I am already home.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



6 responses

16 03 2009
Juan Jose Montes

Claribel, me acabas de llevar a un viaje espectacular. Estaba en la oficina envuelto en numeros y veinte mil cosas a la vez. Gracias por transferirme a ese lugar tan especial!! Adoro el Mar, el viento el sonido de las olas!!! WOW, me quede espaciado mirando la foto por varios minutos!!! Que hermosa!!
Saludos, JJ

16 03 2009

Que bien JJ, es bueno saber cuando logro -con mis palabras o mis fotos- transportar a alguien a algo que es agradable. La foto la tome ayer en Anna Maria Island.

17 03 2009
Manuel Mendoza

There aren’t enough wrds to say that You are Truely Thee Essence Of iNSPIRATION,,,Way beyond any one I’ve met in more then 20 yrs.
I have not been to the beach or shoreline in such a long time,an to remember
the Peace that I Found there. For Thinking or to b Inspire’d…
or the Mountains just to hear the sound of the birds,without hearing
vehicles of any kind..
I Thank You so Much…for remembering those days that where free from
chasing to b at the top.,of my form.And as a writer, i am truely inspired by You.
GOD BLESS THEE,May Greatness Follow You where ever You Go,in Your
Daily life ,my dear Friend “Clary”,,,,,,

17 03 2009

I am honored Manuel. For many years I lived far away from the shore and I would come here for long weekends, dreaming that one day I would be close by. I have been blessed to be able to move to where I am, if I can’t be in Puerto Rico this is the next best place for me to be. Thanks for your continuous support.

18 03 2009

I think that sea makes some kind of purification for our souls to rediscover nature. That’s why we love it.

18 03 2009

That is interesting Hicham, never thought of it.

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