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5 03 2009


“We can never know what strengths and revelations might be on the other side of our fears until we face them and feel them all the way through. True positive thinking is the mental stance of surrender, simply trusting the process. We learn to accept what is.” — Jacquelyn Small

It has been a very long time since I faced my fears but I truly believe the time has come. This quote came to me at a timely moment.

What does it tell you?



5 responses

7 03 2009
Manuel Mendoza

I suppose ‘WE’ All have some type of FEAR To deal with,an at times Fear is Accepting certain thoughts or belives that are true,,,,( To others But Not Us),,, We Think we should be like every one else out there,,,,, We ,”Well most of Us”, are Loosing Ground of WHO We Are,,,as Individuals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[THEN trying to Fit in What PPL Think WE Should BE, FOR THEM] . But Some of Us ,have not Given-Up Yet,cause a Few still FACE Their FEARS Straight -ON. tHEN There are Those WHO Don’t wnt to BE Letf OUT IN-THE -OPEN,,,cause They have Given Up,with No-Self Respect or the ‘Lack Off making things happen.
Fear to IS Change with in ONE Selve…..
bUT FEAR could ALSO DesTroy You an All those around You.

IF We are PIONEERS INFree Thinking,with out Completly Accepting
certain Facts,Then WE Have CONQURED Fear in a different Format ….

9 03 2009

Confronting our fears is a most difficult thing. But usually once we face them we get past them. Though I admit, there are a few I have yet to overcome in life no matter how many times I try to face them.

10 03 2009
Sherita Searcy

Good Morning Clary, I recently realized my greatest fear was embedded in my personal insecurities. I held myself back because I did not trust ME. Wow! How many of us really take time to understand the underlying current of our fears? My fears held be back from being ME. The beautiful thing about humanity is that we are able to overcome even the greatest fears with patience, support and preserverance.

Samnang, I hear you. Clary, again wonderful post.

Sherita Searcy

10 03 2009
Bill Howdle

Thank you for sharing this wonderful quote. It is true we tend to let our fears limit or even control our lives. I needed to read this today, I really did, thank you.

12 03 2009

Thank you for leaving here your thoughts, we continue to grow!!

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