I Want To Know What Love Is

12 02 2009

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes a tension for many on what would be the best way to express their love. I believe that this day has been over commercialized and at the end it killed its spontaneity, most women end up with a set of preset gifts that means next to nothing to us to tell you truth.

Do you remember when you were in high school and didn’t have much money to get anything to your sweetheart? You had to be creative and that simple flower, a walk on the beach with wine, a ride on your convertible while listening to romantic music and a long kiss was enough to take us to heaven. It was the moment when a song played and he whispered, “That song is for you” That day forever lingered in our mind and heart. We saw so much love and tenderness from your eyes that made us sigh, melt inside. You contemplated our face and caressed our hair and whisper softly “I love you.” I received poems every once in a while and those were so meaningful to me since they came straight from his heart. I don’t claim to speak for all women but to me that was enough, it was the time he dedicated to me, the attention, the actions that spoke louder than the words.

Today, I am pretty much the same high school girl. I like the same things I liked back then and I love a well dressed man who smells wonderful while holding me in his arms. So go ahead, dare to be creative, be sincere, be simple, and be loving, I am sure she will love it.

I would love to know what you have planned for this day. What have you done in the past for your partner? Tell me about the best Valentine’s Day of your life.




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