Reviving Memories

11 02 2009


Today I long for the days when the sea breeze caressed my skin as I stepped outside to stand by the shore. Those were moments when I felt connected to my senses to each and every breath I took and to everything that made me vibrate with happiness and emotion. There was a sense of completeness and of wanting to dream again, to go around in circles with my eyes closed and then fall down to the ground to feel everything spin around me. It was a time when I smiled easily and demanded less but somehow got so much. Sometimes there were short and flashy moments when I tried to grab as much as I could and then there were long and meditative times as I watched the waves crashed against the rocks.


Nothing comes easy in my life, sometimes only windows remain open and then I decide to open wide the doors to my heart. How could I have lived so far away from the place and people that saw me being born, where my heart lies right next to the sea? I placed it there to remain, to beat as I left flying in the sky with tears in my eyes. My soul lingers everywhere I look and it is only natural to feel at home and a complete stranger when I walk a foreign land.

I saw the sunsets and the moonlight shining over the water as the breeze made the palm trees dance. I also heard and felt the rain pounding on the ground refreshing all around me. The night before I leave my heart always beats a little faster, and tears rolled down my face; I want to stay and never have to say good-bye. I want to embrace all that transformed me and that let me feel joyful again.



One response

11 02 2009
Juan Jose Montes

AHHHHH, Puerto Rico!!! Just reading this, makes me feel like getting on a plane and staying there for goooood! Te lo juro, ganas no me faltan!!
Saludos JJM

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