When Faith, Politics and Opinions bring Divisions

28 01 2009

I hardly ever speak about politics or religion but there are times when we need to. Whenever I do I know why most people stay away from the topics and prefer to keep their opinions to themselves, it brings controversy and divisions. You can get good and bad comments and many times you receive many insults if they don’t understand or agree with your point of view.

I really don’t know where some people’s manners go when they try to express their point of view, even family members become aggressive. I am not by far a perfect person but I try my best not to hurt others people’s feelings or damage a relationship just because we happen to think differently. There is a civil way to talk and discuss different points of views without being hateful about it.

Blogging serves as an excellent platform to share and discuss with people around the world and I expect the people that come visit mine to be respectful, I try to do the same. For the most part, if I feel I can’t, I don’t leave my print behind for posterity.

What is your experience when you discuss these topics? Do you comfort or detour from them? How would you handle someone who might have a lot of education but very little tact or good manners?



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28 01 2009

It is an interesting part of the debate process. Two parties start out with opposing views, each trying to convince the other that each is right and the other wrong. Sadly, most of the time it does not take long before the insults begin. Subtle at first but it degenerates quickly.

What I find even more strange is how people respond when you do not take the bait; when you do not respond in kind to their insults. On many occasions I have had people with their face inches away from mine hurling insults and threats in a loud voice. I remain calm and respond with facts rather than resort to trading insults. This seems to confuse them and it infuriates them even more, because they expect I will respond with anger. Most of the time they walk away. Only once has the antagonist actually hit me.

In writing it can be far worse. Some people do it knowing full well that they are virtually anonymous. Other times it is a mis-interpretation of intent in the wording of the author, leading to reading a of note or a letter in the wrong light.

Personally, I would rather agree to disagree on issues and keep the peace.

The nice thing about blogs in general is the ability to delete comments posted and/or block users who are harrassing or abusive. WordPress is even better because it allows the ability to moderate comments before they are posted for public viewing.

I believe that tact and manners are like math and science; they are not innate, but need to be learned. Trouble is, when discussing things close to the heart that we are passionate about it is very difficult to suppress our emotions. Self-defence is part of our survivalist nature.

“it’s more the way the wisdom’s used than just how much one knows” – Susan Aglukark

28 01 2009

In regards to people that make a mountain out of a mole hill: I don’t take things (especially the written word) too personal. I’m an adult and ignore that kind of ignorance. If someone disagrees with me , then that’s their right. If they become a cyber bully about it, then they have serious issues. It’s not my job to get back at them. What goes around…comes around, and they’ll get their’s. It’s alot better to forgive their bad manners than to let it eat at you. There’s so much of it in our lives nowadays, that you can’t escape it anywhere.

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