Obama’s First Mistake

24 01 2009

There was so much hope for a new President, so many dreams of a better future and positive changes and here we are, Obama’s great first mistake.

He struck down the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. Too bad that it was one that will kill millions of Americans. People think that this nation’s state is due to bad financial decisions and the war but it is not, this is about life and the complete disrespect people have of it. There is a high price to pay for killing innocent infants before they are even born, so when you see things get worse instead of better as the time goes by take notice of how many Americans have died because we play god and don’t complain.

If you think bring our troops back home will solve our problems and that we will be saving lives that way, I am afraid you are mistaken. I respect the military and what they do in keeping our nation free and safe. Few people would sacrifice the way they do.

The worst war we have in our hands is the one against evil and abortion is just one of the many battles that will brings us down, that along the numbness many seem to be in by mistakenly think that they have a right over their body and don’t realize that the baby is not their body.

I will brace myself for whatever will befall this nation because I am sure that God can’t keep blessing a country who kills their own for this long.



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24 01 2009
U. Nobody

Great post! Thank you for your sons service (I can thank the mom right?).

If I understand right Obama is providing funding for overseas killing of babies as well. So we are in a financial crises and we have just provided a bale-out for a baby holocaust? I am not sure I understand his reasoning.

25 01 2009
Rumsfeld Reeks

Sadly, you’re not as familiar with the Bible as you like to convince yourself of being. If your claim is that women are playing “God” by choosing to exercise their freedom but in your words; “killing infants” because it’s not “their” body, then what of your son? You are proud that he’s a Marine and yet he’s commissioned to “kill” someone else and that certainly is not “his” body. By your twisted logic, he too is playing “God”, therefore he too is a murderer by YOUR OWN DEFINITION. You’re a very confused young lady, perhaps if you open your mind, then knowledge will enter….

Rumsfeld Reeks

25 01 2009
Phil I

Great post Clary. Have a wonderful week.

25 01 2009

Usually those who are hurting by the loss of a loved one to abortion react like you did. I am very sorry. You don’t even know me to tell me that I don’t know the Bible and you obviously don’t know what the military is about either; to protect and defend this nation.

26 01 2009
Unknown Nobody

I like your response Clary. There’s more wisdom in it than how I wanted to respond.

26 01 2009
James A Woods

President Obama will talk a lot about service to man and human rights, but I’m waiting to see if he will take action on one of the biggest problems facing the United States — human trafficking.

The so called legal access to abortion in the United States is largely a symptom of human trafficking. Roe vs. Wade was bankrolled by the porn industry (which is nothing more than advertisement for trafficking). See Soft Porn Plays Hardball by Judith Reisman for documentation.

The United States has had a problem with slavery since its inception, and human trafficking is nothing more than slavery. God will judge this nation for this sin. He already has once (the Civil War).

Stopping the horrible practice of murdering innocent, unborn human beings is necessary to a much larger fight to end human trafficking. I applaud you, Clary, for drawing attention to this serious issue.

27 01 2009

Obama has been very vocal in his views on abortion. He opposes a ban on “partial-birth” abortions. What does this mean? If Obama has his way, women will be allowed to abort a baby right up to it begining its way down the birth canal. Wait a few moments too long, and it becomes infanticide if the baby is fully out of the woman’s body.

Sadly, this is not the only “mistake” Obama will make if his ideas are implemented.

RR – Look up the Hebrew origins of the commandment that in English is rendered as “thou shalt not kill”. Also, according to the Bible, God allows for the use of military force on occasion. To cite one example, according to the book of Exodus chapter 14 God Himself overthrew the Egyptian army. In Exodus 15 Moses proclaims: “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.” (Ex. 15:3)

28 01 2009

I think when faced with what seems to be an unending conflict perhaps what is needed most is a new way of thinking about and approaching the problem. The problem of abortion over many years seems to have devolved into the two positions of either banning or allowing it, with the issue itself creating intense conflict on a number of different levels. Both positions are treating the symptoms only. What if both sides instead create coalitions with each other, with the easily agreed upon common goal of finding and promoting solutions to make abortion unnecessary in the first place?

My feeling is often that in discussion and debate, solutions and resolution need to be brought to the table more often in order to inspire new thought. When I hear people only argue using clichés and soundbites from either side of the media, I wonder if they ever realize how little that does to solve the problem that they feel so passionately about. Unfortunately, as cultures and societies, we have taken many political, religious and social issues and made them into competitive contests rather than working to advance to a place where they can be understood and resolved.

Often when a problem seems to have no resolution, it is time to look at the problem from new and different perspectives, such as I alluded to above. And I think we might agree that the real solution to a problem of this magnitude is not going to come simply from one person or another mandating what others can or can not do.

10 04 2009

Stand strong Clary, you are right on on this issue. I see, by your lists, that we have similar interests. Pro life all the way. I applaud your son. I will keep him in my prayers.

10 04 2009

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