Good Recession Day

19 01 2009

912245_queen_of_shopping (Photography by ElvisFan76)

Unlike my regular Sundays in which I try to catch up with my reading and meditation, today I enjoyed going shopping. The recession has hit many and I have to watch where my money is going, but one good thing about a recession is the great sales you can find just about everywhere. It makes me sad to see a lot of business liquidating their inventory because they are going under but I know that in time they will emerge again. In the meantime today I had the opportunity to buy a few things I needed at a bargain price. I wish I had more money to be able to buy the things I can not afford and that today are at reasonable prices.

I usually don’t like to go shopping but today I had a good one; the day was sunny and clear and the temperature around 69 degrees F. It would have been perfect if I headed to the beach to see the sunset afterward but I guess I can’t be all over town in one day.

I thank God for this day and will welcome a few more like it, with good company, health, laughter and joy.



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