Special Moments

26 12 2008

The days fly by and I am trying really hard not to think of the past and stop worrying about tomorrow. So many things have happened and so many tears shed in so a short period of time but I can not lose sight of the happy moments God is also letting me live.

My family is all in one place, we are spending Christmas together no matter the situation and no matter what will happen next. Today we are here and each and every moment lingers in my heart with a nostalgic tone. My son will be deployed in January for at least eight months, this is his first. As a mother I can’t help but worry but at the same time I accept God’s will in all our lives. He is not going to war and I pray that nothing happens during that time that he might be called to assist on a more dangerous mission. Now more than ever I will have to cling from my faith.

My other two children are growing so fast that they are creating some growing pains which I can’t hardly endure at times. Parenting is not easy and dealing with not fully developed individuals and trying to explain something to them is not easy. At times I wonder if it is because I never managed to develop the necessary patience (even though some people say I do have it) that all these trials are coming my way. I feel numb after each and every blow to my normal and peaceful existence, it seems there is no more tranquility in the horizon for a while. It is a challenge but one that I must endure since the first day I became a mom. Better times will come, I’m sure and all of this will be a distant memory. I will smile again and wonder why did I worried so much.