To Hold You In My Arms

23 12 2008

Today I need a cool breeze
to sweep over my mind
and refresh my soul
of all I think is not right

I want to move about my life
without tears in eyes
without a hard and hurting heart
longing to beat
when it can hardly survive

How did we get here
after so much work and dedication
I held you in my arms
with a millions dreams
little princess of our hearts

Wish you knew your true greatness
and look further than the night
cause the dawn always come
even when you think it won’t

There is not a moment
I don’t want you by my side
even though I’m sure you do
at times
nothing in my life will be
sweeter than the tender memories
of much better times
than to hold you in my arms

I am here little princess
wipe the tears on your face
mom will always love you
even when I go above
watching, praying, shielding you
no matter the price

Like a bright and shiny star
looking down on you
you can always count on me
I’ll be watching you smile
with no more tears in your eyes

All these moments will be
a distant memory of something
neither one of us is
sad, bitter memories
we will want to forget
but that helped us at the end
understand that love
is bittersweet



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