Love is Everything

22 12 2008

Yesterday I realized how important love is in our life. No wonder I was intrigued by it since I was a little girl and read about it on the Bible. There are many things that are part of our daily life and many skills we need to develop, specially if you are a girl but none of them, I came to realize, can replace our great need to love and be loved.

I always wondered how so many women got away with doing nothing in their household and still be loved by their partners. They don’t know how to clean, cook and a lot of them they can care less for kids and still they managed to have someone loving them by their side. It seems they concentrated on them and in loving their partners and in return men would do anything to keep them. These days you can see anything under the sun; from men raising kids to men cooking and cleaning after a hard day of work. I am not saying that men should not do these things, it is good that the couple share in their responsibility of their home but for the women to relinquish or neglect her responsibilities is another whole topic in itself.

So I wonder what is the calling of today’s women, has it changed for good or should we keep teaching our girls the basics of how to run and care for a household? Does it really matter?