Unexpected Lessons

20 12 2008

The perpetual school of life keeps presenting me with a whole new course of unexpected lessons. Some of them are a retake of something I didn’t grasp the first time around and then others I have no idea they existed. Dealing with these unexpected lessons can be frustrating, half the time I don’t even want to be present.

-Why in the world should we go through it and most of all do what we said we will never do, if we encountered the situation?
I guess thinking of what we would do if a situation arose and doing when it does are two different things.

Never in my life I imagined having to dig deep within in order not to crumble on the outside. I am very good at moving along no matter what happens in my life but this time it is so very hard to do. I have been deeply wounded and I feel like I have been drained of all strength; physically, mentally and emotionally. At the same time I know I am not the first or only person who has gone through this before, I can survive.

I believe I accepted the challenge to take this unexpected lesson but at the same time I am looking for ways not to. I guess it is the realization that nothing will ever be the same, that could be good and bad. I think this is a good opportunity to step outside my city walls and expose my real self. I need to be who God created me to be and nothing less, whoever embraces me will be embracing the true essence of someone who has been buried for a very long time in order to become what I thought would be acceptable to the world. I have learned that to pretend is not to live and not to live is not what God meant for any of us. We need to be proud of who he created us to be and wait for those who would accept and love us just the way we are. This will be the moment of truth and it will take me to unknown and unfamiliar places but whatever that is it will be fine.

Have you gone through some unexpected lessons? What did you learn from them?



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22 12 2008

Yes, I have been through a few. The ones most shocking to me happened at early ages. I guess after that time I became a bit more cynical, a lot less trusting of others. At age 16 this became a self-defence mechanism after misplaced trust almost cost me my life.

And yet perhaps the hardest one of all was one that was not a surprise: when my grandmother died. She was elderly and died of natural causes. We knew her health was deteriorating but it did not soften the blow too much.

I am a fighter. Not of the physical kind, mind you. By nature I am easy-going and let things slide by without offense most of the time. But when things get tough in life, I dig in and seem to draw from a deep well of strength and determination. People around me say I am like a pitbull when I fight for a cause, and like Rocky Balboa when I am being beaten – I am too stubborn to quit.

Perhaps this strength and stubborness at those times comes because I am not trying to impress anyone, not trying to portray an image, nor conform to anyone’s idea of who I should be. I just do what needs to be done.

22 12 2008

Yes Ofcourse,
I learnt such a lesson few months back, I cannot claim that i am completely done with the lesson, it is still on and it is very difficult for me to come out of it. I thought I was an easy going guy, I thought I wouldnt get trapped so long in any trauma, but it wasnt so, I realized it very late. And this process is still on, every time i come out of, God has another big blow for me and I am smashed again. The lessons are getting tougher and tougher, but i know, God will be always there for me.
My dad use to say, God knows the strength of every individual and the problem we face relies on that, the stronger we are, harder the problems we get to face. Life is such. But a day will come where all our patience will be rewarded. God bless you.

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