Nobody is Perfect

12 12 2008

We all want it. The perfect relationship, the perfect partner, the perfect father/mother for our children, the perfect provider, etc. And let me tell you there are some GOOD DAMN ACTORS out there. If you are not careful you could live with one for a lifetime before you even know it. They get you in this comfortable zone where you are practically asleep, unaware of their true self.

Perfection is almost non-existent, we strive for it and we look for it in others but the truth is that -unfortunately- we need to be suspicious when we encounter it. Human nature is flawed and saints are uncommon, to think that we have found it in someone is fooling ourselves. Are you perfect? I’m not, and for the longest time I felt really bad about it specially when I compared myself to the one I thought was perfect. WHAT A FOOL. I thought that I was much wiser than I am, it looks I still have a lot to learn, we all do. Each relationship teaches me something I did not know, it is the only way to grow.

A dead branch has been cut off from me and it hurts, do you know why? Because it needs to be cut on the part that is still alive in order to stimulate growth, otherwise it will not sprout again. The same thing happens with our life, we many times need to cut right where we can feel we are still alive in order to make sure we got to the bottom of the circumstance. We need to be one with our pain to be transformed, to be shaped and molded into what we were meant to be. Then we need to be put through fire in order to harden, be useful and last longer.



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13 12 2008

Why is that we all know nobody is perfect and yet we seek to find “the one” who is?

I know I am not perfect, but have learned long ago to not compare myself with others. I simply re-examine my life from time to time and ask “have I improved over the past?” I compare myself with myself only.

These events you speak of always transform us one way or another. Some people never get past it, becoming cynical and faerful. Others learn from it and become more wary but stronger in a positive manner.

Some of the world’s greatest musicians, writers, artists, and comedians are the ones who suffer the deepest pains.

From what I have read in your blogs, I believe that whatever you are going through now will only enhance your creativity if you allow it and in future will give you much more depth in encouraging others.

Stay strong and channel your feelings into your work. May the peace of God be strong upon you at this time.

13 12 2008

Hello Clary,
I hope you’re feeling better soon. Walking through the fire is the only way to get to the other side, for certain. I know just what you mean about being lulled into a sleepy zone, so comfortable. And then all of the sudden that person we thought who was so close to perfection — or perfect for us, anyway — shows another side of themselves, or perhaps an inside they had kept hidden. Shocking. Disruptive. Disappointing. Painful.
Take care.

13 12 2008

Well said, I personally know that there is no other way out, we have to live it and come out. You live with someone for years and one fine day you realize that all these days the other person was faking, then it is impossible for you to digest and come out of it. NO one is perfect, seeking a perfect person is foolishness, but we should seek a person such that, both of us together can make a perfect life.
May God bless

13 12 2008

hi there 🙂

first of all, i’d like to thank you for visiting my blog, and hope to see you there again.

about the post, i fully agree that perfection can never be achieved, yet we keep chasing it.

however, it is the thrust of perfection that keeps us focused, and helpful in rreaching to our targets.
hope you have a better time in the future.
and may your life remains balanced between peace of mind, and focused achievements.

ruchir 🙂

14 12 2008

Will pray for your clarity of thought and peace of heart as you decide your next move.

Stay strong Clary!

14 12 2008

You are welcomed Ruchir, balance is what we all need otherwise nothing flows properly.

Samnang you can be sure my strength will keep on growing while I have caring people like you continuously praying, thank you. 🙂

16 12 2008

You’re most welcome Clary!

We got some snow up here again. If I send you some, would it help with the Christmas spirit? **winks**

Sleep well!

31 12 2008
This Makes My Day

Hi Clary,

Life can be very hard sometimes but you need to try lift up your head again after a bad experience. This you can achieve with the support of your loved ones and with the help of your faith. Disappointments always will be on our road, like artfullife said: ‘Walking through the fire is the only way to get to the other side’.
I pray for you too, keep your head up and you will make it to the other side.

All the best for you Clary!


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