New Experiences

14 11 2008


Nothing ignites me more than new experiences. This coming week I will have the chance to experience traveling on a cruise for the very first time. I believe that moments like these are the ones we must look for from time to time but what I want the most on this trip is to let go of any expectations.

This trip is my dad’s dream, to be with his children on a cruise trip. He goes a lot with my mom but always wanted to share the good moments with us. Every time I have the time to be with them is the best time of my life, it is a blessing to have them both and most of all to share and create more memories with them. There is something that tells me that this trip will be more that I could ever imagine and that somehow my life will be forever changed. If there is one intention I have on this trip is to see my life moving along a brighter future and something tells me it will. In the past it was about expectation but this time is about intuition, I can feel the difference and I am thrilled.

Please share with me what new experiences create in your life and how do you approach them. I will be off for 9 days but will be looking forward to read your comments here.