Letting my Life Flow

13 11 2008

You have heard it before; we are the masters of our life and destiny.

Yesterday was a day -when as I wait to make the first steps towards a decision I have never thought of- that made me realize that in life sometimes we have to learn to go with the flow. A priest one time said that only dead fish goes with the flow, but how long do you think we can live going against? I am not suggesting to go with the flow 100% of the time in our life but on the long run I believe it is to our advantage to learn to utilize that flow.

One good analogy example of this is Aikido and how Steven Seagal has mastered it. The way I see Aikido is going with the flow of the attack and utilize that flow in order to neutralize it. Instead of going full force and crash against it, it follows the flow.

In my life I have pursued a long list of do and don’t in order to arrive, to achieve a goal, to teach others how to reach spiritual enlightenment, to succeed, but yesterday I realized none of that matters. In life we encounter so many situations that it is hard to not be dragged by the currents sometimes and we must know how to handle them or we drown. I have been drowning lately, trying my hardest to stay afloat, to go against the currents until a few days when I finally relaxed and let the current take me where it may. I emerge myself in the pain and sorrow that waking up to reality conveys. I won’t be able to direct myself anywhere until I get out of the riptide, then and only then I will be able to swim ashore.

I also need to accept my limits and when I no longer can do a job properly and look for help or assistance. It’s okay, I’m not super woman and I don’t have to be. Perhaps stepping aside will help others take notice of what I have done so far. Nobody can appreciate a work of art looking at it from up close, stepping away from it let you see so much more, distance creates perspective.

Another thing I must accept is that even though we are called to live and interact with everyone else we are also called to be disconnected from them. We can’t tangle our hopes and dreams to someone else because at the end they will make their own choices and decisions even if it affects us. We need to give the best of us and step aside, and move about in such a way that we don’t block anyone’s path.

I hope that my life somehow flows in the direction it should even though many times turbulence pushes me to unknown places, but it is in those unknown places where I get to know my true essence and learn that there is more to life that what I think it is.



2 responses

18 11 2008

Success makes us look back what we have done and failure will make us realize what we are suppose to do. Sometimes big blows in life helps a lot, even i went thru one such blow, am yet to come out, but i am learning a lot about life from that.
hope everything gets fine soon.

All my best

13 12 2008

Dear Clary,
As B. C. Forbes said… “History has demosntrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed.
They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats!”

Stay in the learning… focus in the positive and the good to come. As you have heard before when one door closes, others will open!

Stay focus, stay connected and always remember the importance of keep learning what is there for you to learn while enjoying your own experiences that will make you grow to an even better YOU!

You are wonderful my beautiful soul and tomorrow you will be more wonderful!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

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