9 11 2008


I wish I could change many circumstances in my life but the reality is that not everything is under my control. When it comes to others I need to step back and see what happens, then deal with it.

There is a fine line on accepting something I can not change and to condone it. I will not compromise what I believe is truth. At the same time I know that we are capable to make many mistakes in life and that only God is perfect. I need to be as forgiving as he has been with me. It is curious when I ask myself questions and at the same time I’m reminded of how someone else has questioned the same things and gave me another chance. I am not perfect, so why do I expect someone else to be perfect?

I guess the reality is that we need to be true to ourselves and that sometimes doesn’t sit well with others. By practicing acceptance I know I will not shot any doors and that in my book is very important. God gave us free will, why should I question it? All I can do is wait for the waters to come back to its original flow, at the end the river bed will always be there.



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9 11 2008

I do believe that we have to FEEL right in our hearts and go with what we know is truth for us. Good for you for chosing this! To help you get some strategies check out To understand the energy around you, check out my astrology blog at Understand yourself and empower yourself. Angel Hugs

10 11 2008
Phil I

Brilliant blog Clary. Hope you and your family recover quickly from your fevers and are back in excellent health.

10 11 2008

well nice blog ma’m

May be i m too naive to comment on watever u hve written.
But to say something with due to your honour is that may be we cannot stop the flow of the river, we cannot change the direction of breeze, we cannot change everything, but to sit at rest watching scenario is just like to prepare gate for hell, I mean we can try to have flow with the river to find another shore, we could mix the fragrance of our inner beautiful soulfragments, we can try even harder to make things fix (instead of condone to it), all we can do if we think for it a minute or twice. Coz we always stop walking when we are just a foot away from our destination. If we face something hard, so it means we have to effort something extra…

May be in flow i have written too much absurd, but it was in my mind so i have written…..

hope you get the good health and prosperity for u and your family soon



11 11 2008

Change is a flowing stream throughout the course of life; throughout eternity. Sometimes the currents buffet us, making us feel we are being swept along unwillingly. Sometimes we feel like we are drowning in a raging current. Other times we feel in control, paddling along a calm surface, able to direct our path along the river’s course.

I agree with Neer that we cannot stop the river. Time marches on even if we wish it to pause.

The breezes/winds of change ever blow.

Nearby where I live is the mighty Niagara Falls. At Niagara Falls is a hydro-electric power station. And all around me wind generators are being erected in fields for miles on end.

These cause me to think that while we cannot stop or slow time, instead of fighting against it we can harness a portion of its energy, and grasp onto its power and direction to propel ourselves along with it like a kayaker in a white-water river. The course is rough and uncharted, filled with dangers. Use experience gained from the past, grab the paddles now, and tackle the river of life ahead!

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